Sunshine Coast Kitesurfing

The Sunshine Coast is about 1.5 hours drive from brisbane and has plenty of kitesurfing spots for all rider levels. Make the trip up from the city or wherever you're from and get amongst what the Sunny Coast Kitesurfing has to offer. Check out the Ocean Addicts Maroochydore Cam

LIVE Wind Observations (BOM)
Time (Today) Knots Gust Direction
04:30am 5 6 SE
04:00am 6 9 ESE
03:30am 6 9 SE
03:00am 7 9 ESE
02:30am 7 14 (Gusty) ESE
02:00am 8 14 (Gusty) SE
01:30am 10 14 SE
01:00am 8 11 SE
12:30am 8 13 SE
12:00am 9 14 SE
11:30pm 8 12 SE
11:00pm 9 14 SE
10:30pm 9 14 SSE
10:00pm 9 13 SSE
09:30pm 9 14 SSE
09:00pm 9 13 SSE
08:30pm 9 14 SSE
08:00pm 10 15 SSE
07:30pm 11 18 (Gusty) SSE
07:00pm 10 17 (Gusty) SSE
06:30pm 11 17 (Gusty) SSE

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Wind Forecast (BOM)
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Weather data and images supplied by Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Kitesurfing on the Sunshine Coast

Noosa River Mouth

Great kiting spot. Works with a North Easterly and an outgoing tide. Experienced kiting only due to tideflow and boat traffic.Code of conduct sign present, give way to everyone and don't kite on main beach. Contact the local shop with any questions.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach is an open beach spot for the more experienced rider. Not many kiters would set up here, but it's a common place to conclude a decent downwinder from Marcus Beach, Peregian or Coloom. These open rough beaches make it tough to stay upwind and so it's more fun to stick to downwinders. If you're heading out alone, drop into one of the local shops (such as the Noosa shop: Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia) and they'll let you know of any groups of kiters downwinding that you can hook up with.

Lake Weyba (Noosa)

Lake Weyba is an awesome place to kitesurf for all experience levels. You can pretty much walk out 50m and the water is only up to your hips. Wind range for this spot is between a northerly and south-easterly. There's no bare sand at this spot and so you'll be setting up your kite on grass and then dragging it out into the water where you water launch it.

Caloundra Kitesurfing

Caloundra is situated at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast and around 1 hour  drive from Brisbane. There are a few spots to kitesurf in Caloundra, including:

  • Caloundra Rivermouth
  • Kings Beach
  • Dicky Beach
  • Moffit Beach


Kitesurfing Videos

Kitesurfing Downwinder on the Sunshine Coast. Coolum to Sunshine Beach